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Fall 2021 Season Info

Bo McNair Summer Training Sessions

Check out for more information on strength and conditioning workouts with Bo. The first session is June 28th!

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Player Help with Scorekeeping/Line Judging/Libero Tracking

Players will be expected to work the score board, and do the score book, libero tracking and line judging for home matches that their team isn’t playing in. (Varsity will handle all 3 sets of both JV/C matches; then either JV or C will handle the Varsity match). Players, if you don’t know how to do these things you need to go here ( in the Downloads section on the right is “WIAA SCOREKEEPER TRAINING”) and view the training provided by WIAA. (For a video you can go to  

Season Info

Our Season Begins Here

Eastlake Volleyball Boooster Club Membership plus Fundraising Program

Wolves Volleyball

Eastlake Volleyball is more than just a group of volleyball players.  It is a community that embraces the complete experience of participating in athletics as part of a student's overall high school career.  In addition to competing in a competitive league, players make friends with all grade levels as they help each other become better athletes, students and people.  Our volleyball program is fueled by players, coaches and families whose combined goal is to create a positive, empowering experience for all players of all skill levels.

Contact Us Eastlake High School Volleyball

Contact Us Eastlake High School Volleyball